Monthly Progress - AAP Tracker

Monthly Progress Report
As per reported by district/block
Disclaimer: Data is not real. Testing and learning purposes only.


S.No. indicator Till March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total Cumm.
1No. of Panchayat Covered58239190589994583385
2No. of Inhabited Villages10597010479183106153
3No. of SHGs Formed excluding Special SHG4792313160812414792554
4No. of HHs SC mobilized under SHG fold5281215849164953461
5No. of HHs ST mobilized under SHG fold17417515050200174375
6No. of HHs mobilized under SHG fold85102022162283851303
7No. of Village Organizations Formed218161576322022036
8No. of SHG in VO fold448995763469145590
9No. of CLF Formed10190777714791102698
10No. of VOs in CLF fold792041358321879422
11No. of Model- CLF329721288421233184
12No. of CLF Registered57054162886104858102
13No. of TLC2888432717650329387
14No. of New CMs mobilized6144695895105362499
15No. of CMs Replaced1567310610421015883
16No. of CMs Discontinued20556813684149722053
17No. of New BKs mobilized2895774215389529852
18No. of BKs Replaced133236913120013523
19No. of BKs Discontinued197641237119419958
20No. of New MBKs mobilized17378648815217530
21No. of MBKs Replaced11363779817511538
22No. of MBKs Discontinued162679089816365
23No. of New CFs mobilized7291794328268117
24No. of CFs Replaced264011143214626547
25No. of CFs Discontinued2429116321482577
26No. of SHGs Received start up fund/CIM (Dari & Box)99251683220010125
27No. of VOs Received start up fund/CIM (Dari & Box)23243200320323446
28No. of CLFs Received start up fund/CIM25455113723116026615
29No. of SHGs in which Books of Record placed & maintained4527672694596
30No. of VOs in which Books of Record placed and maintained383459431023936
31No. of CLFs in which BOR placed and maintained4525743504575
32No. of SHG members having their own Saving Account66475543986745
33No. of SHGs having Saving A/C4106121541754281
34No. of SHGs Received ICF (Directly or through VO)520981541355344
35No. of SHGs Received RF4470170542244694
36No. of Groups Credit Linked with Banks (1st Dose)348479651443628
37No. of Groups Credit Linked with Banks (2nd Dose)6628516576685
38No. of Groups Credit Linked with Banks (3rd Dose)9561356599620
39No. of Groups Credit Linked with Banks (4th or more Dose)444859561154563
40No. of VOs having Bank A/c11408657658211990
41No. of VOs recd Ist tranche of CIF35182573525
42No. of VOs recd. 2nd tranche of CIF2008621767589220978
43No. of CLFs having Bank A/C153495646915418
44No. of CLFs recd Ist tranche of CIF13122615511613238
45No. of SHG members insured under PMJJBY/PMSBY for current FY485792441364993
46No. of HHs engaged in Farm Intervention939005343993939
47No. of PGs in Farm4313434384351
48No. of HHs in Farm PG45032354508
49No. of Producer Companies formed in Farm419894434524650
50No. of HHs in Farm PC10411254554710958
51No. of CHC Formed1723116658117312
52No. of HHs benefitted from CHC9654965749728
53No. of NEERA Producer Groups107729657410846
54No. of HHs engaged in NEERA Producer Groups42822965944376
55No. of HHs engaged in Livestock Intervention807776138090
56No. of Poultary PG4238856644302
57No. of HHs engaged in Poultry PG4451661567175168
58No. of Dairy PG11267605611611383
59No. of HHs engaged in Dairy PG/DCS369675123708
60No. of any other Livestock PG4175886944269
61No. of HHs engaged any other Livestock PG105387768310621
62No. of Pashusakhi784854675378538
63No. of HHs tagged with Pashusakhi285149671162967
64No. of HHs engaged in Non Farm Interventions4924116174941
65No. of Nonfarm PGs84891376898578
66No. of HHs linked with Nonfarm PG317757123189
67No. of Beekeeping PG9729867759804
68No. of HHs engaged in Beekeeping PG903236867490397
69No. of DKR43841176874471
70No. of RRM Operational51921176875279
71No. of OSF26309471012731
72No. of Micro enterprise developed388049671163996
73No. of Job fair organised131951006616613361
74No. of Youth Placed through Job-Fair55649851035667
75Total No. of VO Received HRF-CIF4217706547244941
76Total No. of VO Received FSF-CIF4119112641764295
77No. of Job card provided to members (MGNAREGA)4502145194521
78No. of Didi ki Nursery9316845539369
79No. of HHs Practicing Nutri Garden135148435113565
80No. of HNS Enterprise started4401593624463
81Total No.SHGs trained on BCC module-I5111724651123
82Total No.SHGs trained on BCC module-II3940863894029
83Total No.SHGs trained on BCC module-III11040605411411154
84No. of HHs endorsed under SJY367568105464367632
85No. of Case study Developed849066651318621
86No. of Disseminations made Video (No. Of VOs)19367647614019507
87No. of Sinage Board113964475111447
88No. of SHG Members to be financed from CBOs for Individual Economic activity(>30,000)17379447812217501
89Amount disbursed from CBOs for Individual Economic activity (>75,000)2395413789124045
90No. of SHG members financed from Bank for Individual Economic activities19439777915619595
91Amount of loan sanctioned by Banks for Individual Economic activity1075561288136107692